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Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is so full of nutrition. It has rich amounts of antioxidants that are essentially helpful for your health maintenance. Research shows that passion fruit has 2% Potassium, 8% Vitamin A, 2% Iron, 9% Vitamin C, 2 grams Fiber and a sufficient 17 Calories. It has an abundant amount of carotenoids as well. It has found in the cure of joint pain, and knee osteoarthritis, It helps in the right desired digestion of one’s body. Through the use of Passion fruit excessively, the person becomes less immune to numerous heart disease, chronic issues, and obesity. The consumers of Passion fruit do not usually have breast and stomach cancer, that helps them in living a balanced and healthy life.

In the EU, 1 kg of bio-raspberry retail price exceeds 100 euros, but when choosing to plant a berry garden, Giorgio Corelli was mostly fascinated by the local market. As a young farmer says, raspberries are a demanding product in Georgia and are always high in price. Two years ago, in Tbilisi, the prestigious service took place and turned to agriculture.

Giorgi Corel: I spent the whole life in the NGO sector, I was involved in the development of cooperatives, I saw the faults of the projects, I left the job and left for my own job.

Passion Fruit Founds

I have started planting raspberries in 2014, I have a nursery farm in Gombori. Last year, I established a partnership with “Ksavreti” with my two partners, and I built a raspberry garden on 4 thousand square meters in Tetritskaro district. Last year we got the first harvest, we are expecting about 3-4 tons of raspberries, this is not a huge volume but we are not going to stop.

When I had a job I told you to tell me the truth, I did not lose money for the first year, so I earned money in the first year, and last year I got a big fight from the bank, dripping the dripping systems, purchased neighboring lands and seedlings I got up to 17 thousand GEL.

In the framework of the project “Produce Georgia” I received a grant of 15 thousand GEL and our participation was GEL 3 thousand. This amount is enough for the construction of 6- tonne refrigerator, which I will start in spring, to take a special refrigerator in the project.

Raspberry demand is high, the most pessimistic price, if the resellers come to the place and take it to Navtlughi market, it is 7 GEL per 1 kg. In autumn the price of raspberries reaches 12 -13 GEL, in winter it is frozen, in “Goodwill”, for example, imported berries cost 800- gram packet of 23-26 GEL.

Passion Fruit In Georgia

I do not have a raspberry cost in Georgia, but I do not think I have the most – 1 kg production of 2,60 GEL, and if you keep in the refrigerator – 2,75 GEL. Here are the electricity costs. The larger the fridge and the many products you put, the cost of storage will be less.

Raspberries are deficient products, our product does not meet the market demand. According to Geostat, in 2018, Georgia received 460 tons of frozen and raw raspberries from Turkey, Russia, and Germany. Import volume increases annually. That is why I took the orientation on this culture. Potential customers are agricultural markets, pastries and supermarkets.

Passion fruit) It’s expensive, but I do not have the fear of realization, I can keep me in the refrigerator for a year and a half, but I am 5-6 months old. It’s a 6-ton fridge and one volume of this supermarket will take. Raspberry is a big demand for overseas: 50-kilogram packets worth more than 5 euros in Austria. But it is important to speak about the export, we have large volumes. So far, one is a farmer who has a raspberry garden in Georgia mainly in Shida Kartli, because it is a favorable climate. Raspberries do not love the excess rain, however, the roots should be in the water. Even rains bring rains and writers, Kvemo Kartli is also a suitable place, for example, Marneuli or even Tetritskaro. Many people have a desire to grow raspberries in Georgia. I write for projects, for example, to help one of the entrepreneurs to cultivate a 20-acre garden, I’d like to join with all the producers to go up to 80-100 tons and may even think about exporting.

In Georgia there are already raspberries good varieties, such as “Nova” and “Carolina”, this species gives 8-15 tons to 1 ha, there are more breeds, such as “Patricia” and “Bryceinska”, which are berries in Moscow For sale at the research institute. Their yield reaches 20-25 tons per ha. I have all four varieties, the seedlings fell to 4 thousand GEL. One nervous life is between 10 and 13 years.

Generally, 30-35 cm – 1 seedling per 1 hectare – from 4,5 thousand to 7 thousand. The distance between the ranges is up to 2 meters (for the transport of equipment and for the comfort of the works).

The seedlings should not be allowed to grow as the bush, one of the few branches – the strongest one should be left, the remaining branches should be cut down and in the middle of each 10 cm – 1 seedling. Each step gives you 4-5 nurseries, which means that you can make a sug on the plant. The branch is rapidly rising and does not need to be established.

In general, the first year gives about 35% of its productivity, the second year – 65%, and the 3rd year in full breeding.

All kinds of taste are small, but still different: some are slightly sour, some are sweet, but it also causes soil. It is desirable to get rid of acidic soils, and on less acidic soils – on the contrary, to get the product uniform. “Bryosinka” had 1 200 saplings, but it was very tasty seedling and only 800 mln, we will go this year until they are stronger, I will work with “Nova” and “Carolina”.

Cultivation is laborious, but it is not enough. The grass is separated between the ranks if it does not have to be covered (polyethylene parks are not covered by the ground), it needs to be burned. There are about 50 species of writers that prevent plant development. In general, the bio-discharge cannot be produced because the bureaucrats do not interfere with the writers, at least I do not see such facilities in the hands of the insects, except for the rest of the procedures – the fertilization of the land if the herbicides can be used to use non-chemical means.

When you produce the Passion fruit, you need to pick up once in a couple of days. The season of breeding is mainly two times from June to August and from September to November. There are varieties that are thrown into five.

Passion fruit

My “program – the maximum” is the raspberries in 10 -15 hectares and the addition of 5-5 ha of blueberry and blackberry gardens, but at this stage, I wrote a business project that envisages planting 35,000 root raspberries. By 2019, I will be able to produce 25 tons of crude rice and frozen raspberries.

This farm and I have problems with issuing salaries, together with 50 square meters of the refrigerator will cost 264 thousand GEL. The project has already been introduced in the preferential agro-credit program. I know, but I know it is a promising business.

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