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Nerve Renew: There are two types of nervous systems in the human body, the central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system. Sometimes, the peripheral nervous system of the patient undergoes damages.

These damages can appear in an extensive range of symptoms, for example, the medical condition gradually develops in the body and starts appearing over visible body parts like legs, arms, etc and the person suffering from severe pain in areas of damaged nerves.

Now the question is, Can the patient recover from these nerve damages? Well, you’ll normally see doctors with hopeless faces when asked about it but in actual, Nerve repair is a source of relief for patients who feel defeated against their neurological pain.


“Nerve Renew” consists of different vitamins and extract which organically act over the affected area. Some common vitamins include Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 to support both cardiovascular and the nervous system and vitamin D but the main ingredient of these creams is the capsaicin which is extracted from chili peppers which generate a heating effect and eases the pain.


While using these creams for medication, several measures should be followed to avoid negative effects or any other type of inconvenience which would lead to any further increase in pain. ‘Nerve Renew’ Cream is for external use only.

It should be applied only over the affected area and direct contact of hands should be avoided. A patient should prefer using a cotton ball or gloves to swiftly and gently apply the medication.

After the application, don’t cover the affected area with a bandage and no heating tool should be used as this would increase the chances of side effects. “Nerve Renew” Cream should not be applied before or after activities like swimming, sunbathing or a heavy exercise and not be used for more than the prescribed period.


It is mandatory to brief your consultant about any allergies you have because there might be an ingredient in the cream that you’re allergic to, so the doctor will guide you accurately about the company you should prefer while buying a nerve repair cream.

Also, the application of this cream should be avoided during pregnancy until clearly needed as the heating effect can affect the fetus.

A warming effect or burning feeling would be felt immediately after application however if the burning effects tend to prolong then a consultant should be informed and dosage should be checked.

Other side effects include sneezing or coughing if the patient breathes in the dried residue of the cream or in severe cases allergies or swelling can be seen but that is very rare and depends upon person to person, for example, a patient who used this cream for medication was allergic to hot pepper can suffer from serious allergies or other side effects and if a person sees visible allergy over the applied area then he/she might immediately consult his physician and ask if any immediate medical aid is needed.


Nerve Renew Cream can be helpful in many conditions. This type of medication can be used by people suffering from Arthritis (a disease-causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints).

A diabetic person can suffer from diabetic neuropathy during which the nerves are damaged due to fluctuating body glucose levels. Such patient might feel numbness, tingling or pain which can be cured.


Nerve Renew also help during a migraine (the third most common illness in the world according to Migraine research foundation) or deep muscular pains.

Cancer, a disease which still requires a perfect treatment, can be prevented sometimes from the nerve repair. These Supplements contain capsaicin. Some studies have concluded that capsaicin can be used to prevent prostate cancer, including a study which was done at the UCLA School of Medicine according to which it has an intense anti-multiplication effect on this type of cancer.

Researchers found that externally applying the capsaicin over the area from which cancer is spreading or taking capsaicin orally significantly stopped the spread of prostate cancer cells.

Types of Nerve Renew

There are many different types of Nerve renew formulations that are available over the counter (OTC). The most common ones include:

  • Capzasin-P
  • Zostrix
  • Zostrix Maximum Strength
  • Some pharmacies also make these with their own brand name


Nerve Renew Cream

Johan 4 August 2018


I bought a Nerve Renew for my father who is a diabetes person and used to suffer a lot of muscular pain. Since he’s been using Nerve Renew, he feels relieved and there are no side effects also. WAYY TO GOO.

DAVID 13th September 2018


I’m a baseball player which means I am bound to get injured after every few days. Thanks to this Nerve Renew Cream that injuries are now short-lived. The burning effect really cures my cramps or muscular injuries. Thank you.

Vikky 4th June 2018


My migraine is never an issue now. I was so much worried because of constant migraine pains but this cream has finally given me a breakthrough. It was very common that I was in gatherings or meetings and had to leave immediately due to increasing pain at the top. Thanks to this, I keep it in my pocket where ever I go and it really helps. THANKS, MAKERS!!!!

Where to buy Nerve Renew?

Nerve Renew Cream or commonly known as capsaicin creams can be bought from any

good pharmacy in your local area. For more easy purchase, you can buy it from all leading online stores which deliver products internationally.

If you are suffering from neuropathy pains, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy or any other muscular pain as well, then don’t waste time. You can be delivered at your doorstep within a few days or you can easily buy them from a medical store nearby but don’t forget to inform your doctor before using this medication.

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