Hassan Rouhani Urges Muslim Nations to Stand Against The US

Iran President, Hassan Rouhani, was found briefing Muslim states to unite against united states. It is known that since ever the two nations, Iran and the United States, were seen having bitter relations. Iran never accepted the US as the most powerful and mighty country residing on the earth. On the very same level, Americans were seen throwing unfavorable sights on Irani residents.President Hassan Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani was apparently found telling the Muslim nations that through their close ties with the superpower state, they are losing their bound with innate religion and going way far from the followings of Islam.

Iranians have been noticed in having a close drill with their religion, with the aspect that no woman is allowed moving on streets uncovered or no man can be found who does not obey the religious teachings.

Iran is getting developed with each and every day, see the beauty it holds within its cities, or the number of Visas that are being sold each day.

Hassan Rouhani told the Muslim nations that their closeness with America can lead to the severe destruction that will harm not any other but only one.

America is a state that provides the most numerous jobs to people coming from every other country in the world. The States is having the most dramatically stabled economy that gives a challenge to the European economy each and every day. The two countries are never observed having frankly diplomatic relations.

However, due to the following irritation between these two, Pakistan is seen being Iran’s protecting power in America, whereas, in the United States, Switzerland is playing the same task.

Recently, Iranian MP was seen burning the American flag in the Iranian parliament.

In Dubai recently, Hassan Rouhani made his best to remind the Middle East and other Islamic nation the storms America kept causing in Yemen and Palestine, resulting in a gazillion of death tolls. He further asked the Islamic nations, why on earth would they have their side with America when that nation has caused such calamities to Muslim brethren.

Hassan Rouhani metaphorically called Israel “the Cancer”, appealing that such a state is having it’s back behind the United States.

Hassan Rouhani told that the US has its intentions to enslave the Middle East and other Islamic nations.

Such a question was earlier asked as to what will Saudi Arabia be doing if once its oil reserves get empty which America in continuously buying?

He highlighted in his speech names of two Islamically holiest places and told that he and other Iranians wholeheartedly take them as their brothers and want the best for them, and out of pure sentiments want them no to be fooled in the hands of America.

The United States has been the target of criticism and fiery remarks from Iran since the revolution in 1979.

President Donald Trump

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump‘s declining on the nuclear contact further raised this fire.

From always, leaders of different countries, making the use of their mouths, are being the cause of numerous deaths of different young lads. War is just a business that is played not with money but at the cost of human lives.

As a result of the antagonism between nations in the past a huge number of man, woman and children have lost their precious lives.

This injustice and hatred towards one another is nothing despite a death toll tending to take our lives.

Even with his recent speech, how can Rouhan try and make religion the backstage when he is self consciously and openly calling for a dispute.

Countries on a practical sense, neither befriend each other nor do they have personal issues with one another. It is a sanction of their diplomatic and economic disputes that lead to these symptoms.

We can just hope and pray that nothing as such happens that goes in against of favor of humanity. Either they are Americans, Iranians, Yemenis, Palestinians, or Europeans. All of them are equally deserving of happy and healthy lives.

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