Faiza Beauty Cream Peoples Review & Read Side Effect, 2019!

Faiza beauty cream is a skin whitening cream. It is used to lighten your complexion. It has been made with various type of ingredients.

Faiza Beauty Cream Ingredients

Faiza Beauty cream includes different ingredients which contain some side effects also. They are as follows

  • Ionized water
  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Vitamin A, B, E, B3
  • Propylparaben
  • Citric acid
  • Kojic acid
  • Natural Wax
  • Zinc oxide
  • Natural colors
  • Petroleum jelly
  • White oil
  • Fragrance

These ingredients have some side effects like natural wax damage the skin. If you read these ingredients on the packaging of cream you will find that there are some spelling mistakes which means it us, not a good product.

Faiza Beauty Cream

Faiza Beauty Cream Reviews

Shahzina Anmol 13 July 2018

Faiza Beauty cream is one of the cheap creams. The people who even do not know the correct spellings of ingredients of cream, how they can make a whitening cream. They are just playing with the women’s skin who face ill-effects of skin beauty.

I read the full packaging of the cream but there is nothing special about the cream, and I never use a new product on my face, I always use it on my hand on the neck rather using it on face directly. I found rashes on my hand. So I decided not to use this cream.

Mishal Ansari 20 June 2018

Our skin personifies our beauty. It can tell about our age. If the skin looks fresh we look young. If the skin looks dull we look old. We can’t take any risk with our beauty. So I always research any new cream and then use it.

I found faiza beauty cream no less than a scam. All the customers had complaints about results and reported side effects of this cream. So I decided not to use this product.

Asma gill 1 July 2018

Everyone wants to look beautiful in this world. I hope you also want this. To look beautiful and to keep our skin fresh we apply a different type of creams on the skin or consult to a dermatologist. I came to know about “Faiza beauty cream” which was very popular in the market. I thought I would use it.

But when I read the packaging there was nothing. They didn’t mention either it was a night cream or day cream. Most of the spellings of ingredients were incorrect. Then I decided not to use it. I do not recommend anyone to use it.

Faiza Beauty Cream Side Effects

It is a fake cream claiming fake benefits. It does not have any long lasting result.

  • Causes redness and swelling
  • Oversensitive
  • The smoothness of skin is diminished
  • Discoloration effects on the skin
  • Disturbs skin hormone
  • Increases oils on the skin
  • More like bleaching cream due to ingredient natural wax
  • Burns the internal skin cells: it claims of whitening skin. To make your complexion white it burns your skin. The upper layer of skin is removed and the inner layer is open which is damaging.
  • The acids present in this cream burns your skin cells and harms your skin. Acids are not good for the skin.
  • It does not hydrate your skin ad the beauty creams does

Faiza Beauty Cream Original

There are many creams available in market naming Faiza beauty cream with different trademarks which are not original. The cream with code 223190 is original which is manufactured by its original manufacturers. Original cream will hydrate your skin.

Faiza Beauty Cream price in India

Different Asian countries have different prices. It has different prices in different countries. Faiza beauty cream is available in India at different supermarkets at different prices. It is available from 400-899 in India.

Faiza Beauty Cream Original Price

Original Price of Faiza Beauty Cream is 160 rupees without delivery charges. Every Asian country sells it to its best suitable price.


You can use Golden Pearl Beauty Cream to enhance your beauty. It is made to enhance your skin beauty, It is the best formulation for the skin. the formula free of side effects containing natural ingredients.

What is Golden Pearl Beauty Cream?

It is a beauty cream formulated for skin purpose, makes your skin brightening, shining and fresh. It fights with your aging problem. Cram can make you young.

Benefits of Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

It is formulated with natural ingredients. It has different useful benefits.

  • Brings whiteness
  • Removes acne and pimples
  • Reduces itchiness
  • Lighten the skin color
  • Protect the skin from UV light
  • Protect your skin from harmful environment
  • Fight with aging
  • Gives smoothness to the skin
  • Hydrates your skin for a fresh look

Side effects of Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

Golden Pearl Beauty Cream has no side effect as it contains natural and pure ingredients. Pearl Beauty Cream does not cause rashes on your skin. Cream just protects you from harmful environment and does not burn your upper layer.

Pearl Beauty Cream acts on your internal epidermal skin cells and removes oxidants. It lightens your internal skin which gives a fresh look to the skin.

Peoples Reviews About Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

Safia Qadri 13 July 2018

It is a magical formula. It makes my skin beautiful, smooth and fresh. I am very happy to use this. I just loved it. It removed all the pimples and make my complexion white.

Nauraiz Ansari 30 May 2018

I am a working man. I have to go outside for work in sunlight. The rays of sun damaged my skin badly. My skin became dull. Then I started to use Golden Pearl Beauty Cream and it really worked. It brightens my skin. I look younger now. I loved it.

Minahil Ishaq 30 June 2018

I used Golden Pearl Beauty Cream and it made my complexion white. It is a very good cream for the skin, it does not burn your skin cells. It has effective results.


As you read the benefits, side effects and customers reviews of both the cream, now you can decide whether Faiza beauty cream is good not for use. I recommend you to use Golden Pearl Beauty Cream as it has the best benefits and it is a proven formula.

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