Chinese consulate Karachi: Security Forces in Karachi prevented a terror attack.

At the Chinese consulate Karachi yesterday, the security forces resurrected and foiled a planned terror attack. The whole operation resulted in seven deaths including two of police officers, who were identified as being Assistant Sub Inspector Ashraf Dawood and Constable Amir. Two civilians, a father and his son, also lost their lives.

Suhai Aziz Talpur, Ashraf Dawood and Constable Amir Chinese consulate Karachi

The Chinese consulate being situated in the top-notch area of Karachi experienced a tough day yesterday, and the whole red-zoned area having elite class schools and hotels was locked down and the security forces were set on their mission in the eradication of target killers and terrorists that aimed an attack on the consulate yesterday.

Sindh Police and Army media wing confirmed that during the security mission three terrorists were shot down.

This needs still time to confirm who is having his hands behind such a disgusting calamity. However, a tweet was observed from the Baluchistan Liberation Army that they are supposed to be considered as convicts having their hands in this attack. This is well suspected that an extremist party might be the main culprit behind this.

The Chinese consulate is the residential place for Chinese diplomats and other staff that witnessed multiple firing and shots early in the morning.

Defense analyst and security contractor Ikram Sehgal informed the media that attackers had a hand to hand shooting from the police as the attackers with their beast-like pulses wanted to spread the convoy of fear around the area.

Sehgal reported that Chinese staff was taken away from the destination of all these massacres for the concern of their safety.

However, Police and Rangers did a multiple checking with the bomb disposal squad in order to clarify that no further ammunition was left in the area.

Weapons and explosives were found and were got hold by the security forces. Chinese diplomats are now safe, as reported to the media.

There are joint assumptions as to who can plan such activity in order to postpone or maybe cancel the CPEC and effect the friendly ties between Pakistan and China.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shows his anger and panic with sorrow at the news of an attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi “It could have been worse if they [the terrorists] had gone inside,” he said. Recently, he had such a worthy tour of China that resulted in the favor of both nations. The Chinese embassy informed of having known a series of planned attacks against their national organizations in Pakistan. Pakistan will be trying its best for working against those assaults.


CM Shah on this accident made a comment, “This shows that our road checking system needs to be stricter and more effective,” He showed his condemnation and praised the security forces for their successful attempt at operation.

In 2012, there was observed an occurrence of a terror attack on the Chinese consulate as well that was soon disguised as an attempted attack on Pakistan Rangers.

Pakistan is hopeful for the more upcoming brotherly ties with China and will try its best to make sure that there remain no further traces of such an incident in the nation.

Since 2013 when Rangers took in charge of Karachi we observed a decrease in the number of calamities once Karachi had to face each and every day. However, it was the second catastrophe faced by Karachi in a week.

The massacre was initially saved as the superintendent Suhai Aziz Talpur, who, once for joining a private institute was abandoned by her family. Today she became the cause of saving numbers of lives in the Chinese consulate initially. In an interview, the police women admitted that her family wanted her to be a Chartered Accountant, but as a result of finding that job dull, she went for her real call and all it took her to clear her CSS exams was the very first attempt where she succeeded.

Suhai Aziz Talpur, Chinese consulate Karachi attack

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