American Establishment: President Trump who was elected as the world’s most powerful country’s president leading with the majority votes has been subjected to saying false claims and unfair statements for his lack of uncertainty and confused state and dilemma of losing the air of a genuine leader.

Currently, he put a barrier of prosecution on Pakistan, acting as his own judge. And criticised Pakistan of being a greedy spirit for obtaining Billions of Dollars worth of money and always betraying US for it’s causes.

Trump, on his already so vast number of lies added yet another one saying Pakistan was well known of the presence of Osama Bin Laden within it’s territory and intentionally kept the news hidden from the jaws of America.

He even proudly said that due to Pakistan’s lack of responsibility Trump has deliriously stopped funding the nation. However, for the very first time in history, American establishment has deliberately taken such measures against Trump’s tirade of misappropriating statements.

Major steps are put forth by the American establishment as they can very well verify the changed face of Pakistan authority.

Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted in response to Trump that made him know his actual worth and made him realize that such kind of statements can no longer be held against Pakistan.

Khan truthfully made Trump count the casualties Pakistan has suffered due to US intrudence.

Khan verified that Pakistan might be having a connection to the attack on American sky scraper in 9/11 but that incident alone made Pakistan suffer a lot. Pakistan has lost the ethnic tribal areas that once scented the nation. He made ‘US Dummy doll’ remember that NATO and American intelligence are nothing without the extensive help of ISIS and other Pakistan forces.

Pakistan having such a remarkable location that connects whole East to the West is still providing US grounds that without Pakistan’s help make the US have a decrement in their significance. Imran Khan gave the exact figures and made American establishment ponder over them.

This side of Pakistan not only shook America but newspaper around the globe made Imran’s straight answer to Trump’s accusation their main newspaper profile.

Donald Trump is the only one president whose public is at such a level against him, propelling each other to vote against his favor.

American establishment took notice of the whole situation and colonel of Pentagon stated Pakistan forces and intelligence has straight, forward, close and friendly ties with the United States and no such ineffective statements as Trump’s can do that any harm.

Pentagon American establishment

In the very first time to date, American establishment will be submitting a written apology letter for the forgiveness of their president’s unworthy and irresponsible statement.

More to hand, US Minister in Pakistan had to face criticism and judgment against their president’s childish briefing.

Pakistan, being a land bestowed with many bounties from the Almighty is having one more to its plate disguised as the most marvelous leader who will no longer let Pakistan be the scapegoat of superpowers as selfish as America.

Pakistan is soon going to tell the world that any false accusation against itself made from people having big mouths and no evidence cannot be tolerated.

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